Art, Improv, Podcasts, and Film

Podcast: Tales from the SaaS Graveyard

I co-host a podcast called Tales From the SaaS Graveyard with my friend Jake. Here is a link to our LinkTree where you can easily access our episodes on your preferred podcast app. We raised money on Kickstarter. We also wrote a blog post about our findings here.



I am a huge fan of old video game graphics. I worked on creating portraits of people, characters, and things into 32 by 32 pixel graphics. If you would like to be pixelized please send me an email for more information.


I start out with a picture of a person or object. I then reduce the image size to 32 by 32 pixels. I then create the border and fill the image with basic colors. The tricky part is focusing on one detail that will make the person recognizable.

pixelized mom pixelized diego pixelized dwarf3 pixelized dwarf4 pixelized john pixelized jimmy pixelized BC pixelized Kermit pixelized dwarf2 pixelized Brad pixelized Fozzie pixelized Duggan pixelized Cannon pixelized dwarf1 pixelized pancakes pixelized stephen pixelized Saint Basils pixelized Mike pixelized Franz pixelized Hanno pixelized Raphael pixelized Biz. E Beaver pixelized Seitz pixelized Mark pixelized Stephanie

Lord of The Rings 16 by 16 pixels

This was a project from a Type + Image class I took at RISD. The goal was to create three 16 by 16 graphics from a fantasy novel.

Nexus 1 with 16 by 16 Lord of the Rings Pixels

Honors Weaving Final Project

I wove a 27 foot installation piece for my final weaving project in high school. The piece was inspired by Christo and Jeanne Claude's Vally Curtain.
Honors weaving project

Improv Comedy

I started practicing improv in June 2018 at Engames Improv and have since completed their 5-level core curriculum. I also completed Documentary Improv training with Thunderbolt Comedy. I was on the indie team Hot Lunch for a hot minute and now I perform with BootLocker. Here is a Documentary Live! show I was in recently:


Babson Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy

This project was to make an informative video about BELA. My team and I edited this together one weekend.

Music and Entrepreneurship

This was a project by Professor Erik Noyes and Toni Lester at the ReThink Music Conference. They interviewed people in the music industry to see how they define entrepreneurship. Amy Malinowski and I were brought on to help film and find people to interview.

Analyzing the FME Experience

Our team interviewed Babson alumni to understand their experience in the Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship (FME) course at Babson. We created a 20 minute documentary which identified the trends among the experiences. This video was given to faculty to help redesign FME curriculum. This film is for internal use only.