Context and Challenge

Ida Giannini and I decided to work as a team for protohack in San Francisco on April 9th 2016. We had 12 hours to mock a basic prototype and create a 90 second pitch. The pitch was measured on the following criteria:


Brewster was an idea that came out of something I wish I personally had. The concept came from my experience with Weave which sets up professional coffee dates between you and a stranger. I love Weave and I wanted something similar in my personal life.


User Interviews

We conducted three in person user interviews. Our key takeaways from these interviews were:

Stephen writing on post-it notes after a user interview

Similar Products

We reached out to 4 user of Weave (A service that sets up coffee with someone with a similar profession as you in your area) and asked them about their experience with that product. We also asked them if they would want something similar in their personal life and they all said yes.

Prior Art

A study at the University of Michigan showed prolonged usage of Facebook makes people lonely and have a less positive outlook on life. In order to reverse this studies found that human interaction does increase happiness and outlook on life.

Final Design

The final design of Brewster was a chat-bot that would set up a coffee date with you and one of your nearby facebook friends. You can see the full experience and pitch deck in this presentation.


The logo/icon for Brewster was a modified version of "Butler" by riyazali from the Noun Project